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Time Reporting Interface Applications • Activity Based Costing Studies • Decision Support Applications

BTS Consulting Group, Ltd. (BTS) is a consulting and technology firm that excels in delivering applications that make a positive difference! We create solutions, customized to your company's particular business processes, that eliminate redundant work efforts while increasing accuracy and overall efficiencies.

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Specific Areas We Often Affect Change

Time Reporting Interface Applications

  • Leverage data already in your Call Center Work Force Management (WFM) system
  • Eliminate inherent duplicity in data entry
  • Guarantee specific adherence to company policy

Average cost savings in the $800K - $1.1M range annually per 10K call center employees

Activity Based Costing Studies

  • Robust activity based cost accounting study applications employing state of the art statistical sampling techniques
  • Collect data for many products and work activities in one study, eliminating multiple single purpose studies
  • Greater Accuracy - Data is frequently refreshed to reflect seasonal trends, changes in the product mix, employee base, etc

Knowing the cost of your products and work activities with accuracy is invaluable in order to stay competitive!

Decision Support Applications

  • State of the art technology customized for the customer creates a repository of related operational data for easy access by management
  • Eliminate manual labor: Complimentary data is brought together electronically
  • Reporting at your fingertips: Access to Decision Support is effortless
  • Automated routines: Email reports on a scheduled basis, notify managers of sales trends as they occur, quickly target problem areas, etc.

Up-to-date data retrieved faster with more accuracy and consistency to use as the basis for analysis and decision making.

Need Something Else?

BTS Consulting has worked with large companies for over 30 years and have likely already worked through a similar scenario to yours. If you'd like more info on our capabilities, simply reach out with an email or phone call.

  • Associate Director - AT&T-Midwest

    "The BTS team listens and qualifies our layman requests; then converts those requests into mirrored system changes and/or modifications. They are great to work with."

  • Audit Advisor - Finance - AT&T Services, Inc.

    "BTS has exceeded my requirements. Many difficult projects have been made easy through their insight and expertise. They take the time to develop a plan that really meets your needs. I continue to enjoy working with them!"

  • Area Manager- AT&T-West

    "BTS Consulting rose to the challenge of a short fused time line to implement our time reporting interface for over 11,000 employees. They drove the project from start to finish, including training all of our users statewide. The system worked beautifully from day one. I highly recommend BTS for both development and maintenance services."