System Development Services

Developing and maintaining applications that positively impact your organization's bottom line

End-to-End Application Development

BTS Consulting Group has valuable experience in developing and maintaining applications that have a positive impact to a Company’s bottom line. We pride ourselves in leading a project from the inception of an idea through implementation. We also offer system maintenance services beyond our development and implementation efforts. Our development services include all development activities required for full implementation of a custom system application to the users, including user guides, documentation, and training.

Customized Solutions That Work For YOUR Organization

We welcome the opportunity to take it to the next level with you to further share our experience with you and show you how these solutions will work for your company. This includes addressing your application architecture and technology preferences to assure consistency with your company’s IT standards and for the purpose of getting a clear picture of what is possible for your company. BTS takes a very proactive approach in assuring that our customer’s requirements are clearly understood before suggesting technical solutions and architecture. We are flexible in working with you to create the system capabilities that fill certain immediate needs now, with a design that is well positioned to make enhancements in the future that meet your evolving business requirements.

We are very effective in forming and sustaining strong business partnerships with our customers, which has yielded a high level of satisfaction and success with our projects to date. See what our customers have to say about us.

Annual System Maintenance Services

We offer high quality end user support and software maintenance services on an annual basis for a fixed bid.

These Services Include:

A User Hotline to facilitate questions from the end users of the system. This Hotline is available Monday through Friday 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Software Maintenance is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with resources available during off business hours and includes the following key activities:

  • Correcting unexpected system failures and situations that require immediate attention and resolution
  • Implementing changes to software – The result of process improvements and new functionality
  • Maintaining the application to a high standard for optimum efficiencies
  • Data Base Administration support such as answering questions on new software releases and day to day process management issues
  • Consultation on system audits and data requests